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Compass Scotland chefs put on stunning display at inaugural Salon Culinaire

The heat was on at Motherwell College on Friday 27 April as more than 50 chefs from various sectors of Compass Group UK & Ireland came together to compete at Compass Scotland's first Salon Culinaire.

Compass Group news team
Friday 04 May 2012

Following an intense day of cook-offs, chefs from defence services provider ESS Support Services triumphed with a double win. Alistair Gow* (ESS Defence) was crowned the Compass Scottish Chef of the Year while Gordon McKenzie* (ESS Offshore) was awarded the prize of Compass Scottish Junior Chef of the Year.

As part of their prize, both Alistair and Gordon have won a work experience placement at leading Scottish chef Tom Kitchin's Michelin-starred Edinburgh restaurant, The Kitchin, where they will be given a unique opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills.

The Salon Culinaire consisted of various live cooking and cold display challenges, with college classes inviting student chefs to participate in the culinary showcase and a Compass recruitment stand raising awareness of the careers we offer.

A host of presentations from sponsors and demonstrations also took place throughout the day, including masterclasses on curry innovation and wild game cooking. Operational teams, key clients and Motherwell students were in attendance to show their support for the event.

Presenting the awards was Chris Garside, managing director of ESS Support Services, said; "Part of our responsibility as industry leaders is to inspire and attract young fresh talent and hopefully the performance of our people at the Salon Culinaire ensured we did just that at Motherwell College.

"This was a fantastic opportunity to recognise our chefs, their skills and the hard work our industry demands. The standard was superb across the board, a huge amount of effort was invested by those involved and the winners are fully deserving of their awards."


*A full list of Compass Scotland Salon Culinaire winners can be found in the Notes to editors.

For more information:
Tara Carroll, Compass Group UK & Ireland
Tel: 01895 554210 / 077 9856 6405
Email: tara.carroll@compass-group.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

1. The Compass Scotland Salon Culinaire 2012 winners are as follows:

HSE Award: Paul Donnelly, ESS Defence

Best in Show: Alistair Gow (Chef of the Year) - ESS Defence

Senior Chef of the Year: Alistair Gow (1st Gold) - ESS Defence; Derek Watson (2nd Silver) - ESS Offshore; Sean McGowan (3rd Bronze) - ESS Offshore
Bruce Lawrence (Bronze) - ESS Offshore; Kenneth Thomson (Bronze) - ESS Offshore; Colin Johnstone (Bronze) - ESS Offshore
Darren Benson (Merit) - ESS Defence; Gary Rodgers (Merit) - ESS Offshore; Steven Olbert (Merit) - ESS Offshore; Craig Nellis (Merit) - ESS Defence; David Primrose (Merit) - ESS Defence; Alexander Waddell (Merit) - Eurest Services

Junior Chef of the Year: Gordon McKenzie (1st Silver)  - ESS; I Linn (2nd Bronze)  ESS; Alex Sivewright (3rd Merit) - Eurest Services

Decorative Celebration Cake: Enna Nisbet (1st Gold) - Eurest; Fiona Mackie (2nd Gold) - Eurest Services; Joan Oliver (3rd Gold) - ESS Defence
CPL Bissett (Silver) - ESS Defence; Cheryl Mertin (Silver)
S Armstrong (Bronze) - ESS Defence; Li Phan (Bronze) - ESS Defence; David Primrose (Bronze) - ESS Defence

Restaurant Plates Starter: Billy Magson (1st Gold) - ESS Defence; Colin Johnstone (2nd Silver) - ESS Offshore; Bruce Lawrence (3rd Silver) - ESS Offshore
Richard Leece (Silver) - Eurest Services; Robert Flannigan (Bronze) - ESS
SGT David Primrose (Merit) - ESS Defence; Mark McKeown (Merit) - ESS Defence; Alex Sivewright (Merit) - Eurest Services

Restaurant Plates Main Course: Bruce Lawrence (1st Silver) - ESS Offshore; Peter Thompson (2nd Silver) - Eurest Services; Robert Flannigan (3rd Silver) - ESS
Colin Johnstone (Silver) - ESS Offshore; John McLachlan (Bronze) - Eurest Services
Richard Leece (Merit) - Eurest Services; David Primrose (Merit) - ESS Defence; Mark McKeown (Merit) - ESS Defence; Li Phan (Merit) - ESS Defence

Restaurant Plates Dessert: David Primrose (1st Silver) - ESS Defence; Alisdair Mathieson (2nd Bronze) - Eurest Services; C Hartley (3rd Bronze) - Eurest Services
Lee Sprague (Merit) - ESS Defence

Bread Display: Kevin Newlands (1st Gold) - ESS Offshore; Andy Millington (2nd Silver) - ESS Offshore; Chris Casey (3rd Silver) - ESS Offshore
Ronnie Cleland (Silver) - ESS Offshore
Heather McKay (Merit) - ESS Offshore; Paul Donnelly (Merit) - ESS Defence; Alexander McKinnon (Merit) - ESS Offshore

Cocktail Canape: Denis Gove (1st Silver) - Eurest Services; David Primrose (2nd Merit) - ESS Defence

Curry Challenge (Military): Chris Fraser (1st Silver) - ESS Defence; Lee Philipston (2nd Bronze) - ESS Defence; Paul Donnelly (3rd Bronze) - ESS Defence
Rob Reynolds (Merit) - ESS Defence; David Primrose (Merit) - ESS Defence

Curry Challenge (Open): Jack Evans (1st Gold) - Eurest Services; Brian Tracey (2nd Bronze) - ESS Offshore; Robert Flannigan (3rd Bronze) - ESS; Colin Johnstone (Merit) - ESS Offshore

Mystery Basket: Ronnie Cleland (1st Gold) - ESS Offshore; George Kinghorn (2nd Silver) - ESS Defence; Cameron Hartley (3rd Silver) - Eurest Services
Mark McNeill (Bronze) - Eurest Services; John Addison (Bronze), ESS

Poultry Challenge: James Barr (1st Silver) - ESS Defence; John McLachlan (2nd Silver) - Eurest Services; Richard Smith (3rd Bronze) - ESS
Michael Lynch (Bronze) - ESS; Ronnie Cleland (Merit) - ESS Offshore

Pasta Challenge: Sean Watt (1st Gold) - ESS Defence; Chris Fraser (2nd Bronze) - ESS Defence; Gordon McKenzie (3rd Bronze)  - ESS
Richard Leece (Bronze) - Eurest Services; Thomas Pohl (Bronze) - ESS; Derick Oliver (Merit) - ESS Defence

College Poultry Challenge: Alan Morton (1st Silver) - South Lanarkshire College;  Jennifer McCall (2nd Silver) - South Lanarkshire College; Matthew Gannon (3rd Silver) - South Lanarkshire College
Chris Smith (Silver) - South Lanarkshire College; Jamie Maxwell (Bronze) - South Lanarkshire College; Heather Simpson (Bronze) - South Lanarkshire College

College Pasta Challenge: Robert Stillie (1st Gold) - Motherwell College; Shaun Letham (2nd Gold) - Motherwell College; Angela Sneddon (3rd Bronze) - Motherwell College
Caroline Kay (Bronze) - Motherwell College; Scott Robertson (Bronze) - Motherwell College; Gordon Wilson (Merit) - Motherwell College

College Student Challenge: Jennifer McCall / Alan Morton (1st Gold) - South Lanarkshire College; Matthew Gannon / Chris Smith (2nd Silver) - South Lanarkshire College; Andrea Kulbaba / Andrew Mackay (3rd Silver) - Motherwell College.