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  • Bryony O'Neill

    At the age of 18, after completing her A-Levels and moving to London, Bryony started her career at Compass serving on the hot counter at a top law firm on a temporary basis, which was made permanent thanks to the potential she showed after a few months.

    In 2014, we asked Bryony if she'd like to learn more - she subsequently started her apprenticeship. During her training, Bryony was assigned to the sandwich kitchen for hospitality under the mentorship of Neil Rankin and head chef Sabrina Giddawith, where she has developed a passion for pastry.

    After finishing her apprenticeship, Bryony moved to another fine dining London location as commis chef in June 2015. Since then, she's been promoted twice: to demis chef, and then to chef de partie! 

  • “The women in food launch is a great way to attract more women into the industry while also celebrating the fantastic work done by the ones that already exist in kitchens all over the business.”

    -Chef Bryony O'Neill.

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