River Island

  • Our Eurest team has worked with River Island since 2009!

    In choosing a foodservice provider, River Island's overriding criteria was that its partner should be a good fit with its people. 

    Our people demonstrate a willingness to keep meeting and exceeding the changing demands of the business. With the fashion industry working 5 to 6 months ahead, our people are always flexing and being dynamic. Our team is excellent at dealing with change, which makes them hands-on, innovative, and always operating with foresight.

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  •  A high street fashion leader with 250 stores across the UK, River Island’s flagship head office in West London is home to 750 employees.

  • “We wanted our restaurant to be known for its food — it was important to us that it became a big talking point.”

    - Jamie Davis, Facilities Operations Manager at River Island

  • In 2011, River Island embarked on Eurest’s "Centre for Excellence" programme. This involved an audit of performance and delivery, and a particular focus on teamwork.