• Sourcing

    Procurement is a core skill of Compass Group. We are fully aware of the impact that our purchasing decisions can have, so take great care to find ethical, sustainable products, particularly for the things we buy lots of, like coffee, meat and fish.

  • People

    Our business is people-powered: they are the heart and soul of what we do and are absolutely central to our success. We aim to take excellent care of everyone who works for us, and provide the training and opportunities they need to enjoy a flourishing career.

  • Environment

    We know where our biggest impacts are, and where our efforts can make the most difference. We’ve spent a number of years creating a highly efficient, low-carbon logistics solution. Today, our number one goal is to cut down on food waste.

  • Health

    Our customers’ expectations are changing, and we’re changing with them. We are constantly innovating to find ways to reduce fat, salt and sugar from our menus while still delivering great-tasting food. We also have a role to play in helping people understand the power of good nutrition.

  • Safety first

    Keeping everybody safe is the number one operational priority of our business. This means making sure our people have the right tools to do their job, in a safe environment. It also means taking great care over the food that we prepare for our consumers.

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