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  • Our Food

    Great food starts with our single-minded determination to provide only the best produce and combine it with over 50 years of culinary expertise to give you something to savour and enjoy.
    Within our Compass UK business we serve over three million customers a day in the UK alone and believe it or not– more hot drinks a day than Costa does on the high street – so, as market leaders, we figure we must be doing something right!
    Our fantastic cuisine, delivered through great customer service, gives all our clients a place to relax and socialise, making the working environment a pleasant place to spend time and relieve some of the stresses of the day.

    Great Value

    Price is incredibly important to you, which is why we listen to you and make sure we understand exactly the kind of foodservice you want and the price you’re looking for. We always strive for honest, transparent relationships built on trust and integrity — we base our pricing on what we call ‘financial intelligence’. We also proactively open up every stage of our cost process to you.
    We draw on our position as part of Compass UK & Ireland to deliver economies of scale on your behalf and we challenge every part of our supply chain to find efficiency savings that you can realise within your foodservice operation.
    And because we take care of all aspects of cost and service delivery in exactly the way you want, it means you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

  • Understanding You

    Let’s talk about you. In fact let’s listen and understand, before we talk, make recommendations or suggest ideas.

    We regard our relationships as personal and intimate, and most of all - built upon understanding. We liken our relationships to working with an architect; laying the foundations to ensure a working relationship that can sustain the perfect landscape and environment for you.

    What you tell us you want may not be what you need, but we can’t make any recommendations until we know you first, until we have fully engaged with you and earned your trust.

    Our People

    Great food without great service is just another meal; a pit-stop, a refuelling moment - like champagne without the fizz, or sausages without the sizzle. Brilliant service is an essential part of our food experience; it turns an everyday moment into a memorable event, adding that ‘je ne sais quoi’ – the intangible but essential condiment – to our day.

    We’re dedicated to giving great service and building outstanding relationships – the best in the industry, we believe. This is achieved through an honest acceptance that you can’t provide incredible service if you’ve never experienced it yourself. Day in day out, we teach our people the skills behind outstanding customer service, putting them in our customers’ shoes – your shoes in fact – and giving them first-hand experience of how a Eurest customer should feel. We see food and service as a marriage made in heaven; one without the other just doesn’t work.

  • Consistency
    We recognise that doing things well is only half the story; every customer demands consistency in every aspect of their meal experience. We understand that this is just as important in the workplace as it is in the High Street.
    Our comprehensive strategy for the delivery of Operational Excellence gives us such confidence that we offer every customer the promise of, “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.” We recognise that every aspect of our business, from food to health and safety, collectively adds up to your total service package.
    Our business excellence team captures best practice from our global operations, and our subject-matter experts develop solutions for adoption throughout the business. We measure success through our customers’ views and perceptions of our service delivery.
    Being Safe

    Our award-winning, cutting-edge e-learning programmes in HSE, food safety and environmental management, combined with our HSE cultural programme, drives positive safety behaviours in all our people.

    Health, safety and welfare means more to Eurest than written processes and procedures. Our three-tier approach to H&S starts with a systematic approach to process engineering; continues with the documentation of H&S systems and processes that are embedded in the business, with an ongoing programme of auditing; with the ultimate aim of achieving a better culture of health and safety through continuously improving behaviours, at every level of the organization.

    Our carefully designed policies and procedures are clearly communicated and acted on, to ensure the services we operate are not just correct, but legally compliant and best in class.

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