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'Lunch is on us' Events

Our 'Lunch is on us' events give our Stars a chance to have a VIP experience at our top venues, as well as celebrate their successes. The events take place at leading venues such as Aston Villa, Twickenham and the Aviva Stadium, showcasing some of the best 'Be A Star' stories from our recent winners. Stars will be given the chance to mingle, meet some of our executive team, colleagues from other sectors and units, as well as experiencing first-class hospitality.

Q3 Notts Forest FC

Q3 Hatfield House

Q2 RAF Museum Midlands

Q2 Knebworth House

Q2 Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin

Rangers FC Photos

Q4/Q1 Twickenham

Q4/Q1 Aston Villa FC

Q3 Twycross Zoo Photos

Q3 Leeds Castle Photos

Q2 Leicester City FC

Q2 Game of Thrones

Q2 Spurs

Q1 Twickenham

Q1 Aviva Stadium

Q1 Aston Villa

Q1 Twickenham

Q1 Aviva Stadium

Q1 Aston Villa