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FAQ to ease those outsourcing jitters…

The most often asked questions about outsourcing.

We understand that inviting a food service specialist to take the reins can seem like a daunting prospect.


That's why we've compiled a list of the most often asked questions from universities looking to outsource for the first time or weighing up whether to bring food services in-house.


Q: If you’re cutting our costs, will you cut portions?

A: Unequivocally, no. The nourishment of our students will always take priority over any operational efficiencies that we identify and propose to you.


Q: How transparent are you?

A: Completely. We pride ourselves on our commercial transparency and quite frankly, have no reason to hide anything!


Q: So, you look after a number of universities: How important are we to you?

A: Very. Our success relies on the strength of our partnerships, which we’re proud to say is reflected in our contract retention rate. Our hyper-localised above-unit management structure ensures all universities in all regions are afforded the same level of senior expert support, regardless of their size and standing.


Q: How will our food teams be looked after?

A: The existing team can look forward to a host of new training and development opportunities, never mind the endless career pathways offered by the globe’s largest leading food service specialist.


Q: How do I find out more?

A: Glad you asked! To learn more about what outsourcing to Chartwells could do for your university, simply email cristel.worth@compass-group.co.uk.