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Investing in our people

Here at Chartwells we are proud to invest in our people. Let’s hear from two of our contract directors about their career with Chartwells and how they feel.


We hear from Natalie and Sean about their career progression. 

Natalie Hamilton, Contract Director at the University of Worcester

Before Chartwells were awarded the contract I was the Deputy Manager, and I had a real sound understanding of the contract. Being made Contract Director was a great step up for me and I felt I was trusted and felt really supported throughout the whole mobilisation: a sentiment that I still feel. The university has a family feel and nurturing vibe and I feel Chartwells align themselves to this and creates a dynamic partnership.

Good foundations from the start

When Chartwells first came in the whole team was invited to One Amazing Day, a training event that welcomed us to the Chartwells Way. Executive Chef Robert Dant and his team shared the principles of excellent customer service, food quality and set out expectations. This assesses the team’s current understanding and outlines the more detailed Customer Service Excellence programme that was delivered after we went live.

Personally, I have undertaken Leadership in Action, Covey - 7 Habits Course, Retention Mini WAM’s, Consumer led Growth training which has helped me not only develop but given me tools to support and grow my team. Having a great team who feel supported means that the contract will thrive.

Supporting my team to reach their potential

As a manager I hold regular informal one-to-one sessions and catch ups with my teams. With a quarterly 1-2-1, each employee can feel as though they are progressing, learning new skills and that they are being supported. This culminates in a PDR which helps to review their performance but also their potential.  It’s really important to me to fully motivate and develop my team, and with access to over 500 learning modules, eight career pathways and apprenticeships, employees know they can develop themselves at Compass.

I feel like they have invested in me, and I’ve been on training to develop my skills as a leader, to understand how to gain the best from my team and to really push the contract forward.

Sean Brown, Contract Director at the Northumbria University

Prior to Compass my background was in Sports Stadia where I previously held the role of Account Director at Newcastle United Football Club.

At Northumbria University we have 33,000 students and 3,000 staff on-site, so to ensure their experience is the best my team and I have to be on our A-game 24/7.

Continuously developing

Since I joined Compass, I have undertaken many training courses and have really benefited from each session I have been involved in. I feel like they have invested in me. For me customer service is so important and the training session that really inspired me was consumer led growth training. To ensure my teams are delivering a high standard every day and continuously developing, we need to be ahead of the competition. The student wants a high street experience on campus. In order to meet their needs, I spend time with peers and subject matter experts from our culinary teams to consider new food trends, and how that is delivered as a creative concept for our students on site.  

This allows me to advise and guide clients when considering their future estate offer around student experience and catering offer and ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of industry developments.

What's next?

My priority is to complete our estate strategy project with our client at Northumbria as we embark on a new 10 year partnership and future catering provision. Working closely with them and the trust that Chartwells has built over the past few years has allowed as to become their strategic partner. I have big plans!