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Celebrating World Children’s Day with From Babies with Love

Amanda Scott, Director of Talent, Learning and D&I, Compass Group UK & Ireland

We announced our partnership with From Babies with Love on World Children’s Day. So, this year, on World Children’s Day again – we want to celebrate our work together and the impact it’s making.

From Babies with Love is a social enterprise. They’re a pioneering organisation that sell beautiful, ethical baby gifts and clothes, with 100% of profits going to support orphaned and abandoned children around the world. They partner with charities to provide family homes, education, healthcare and support to overcome trauma.

Over the past year, From Babies with Love has supported 26,562 children in 42 countries, with their work contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As examples of some of the work they have done: helped 1,000 children in Street Child’s pioneering Last Mile Learning programme; supported 450 girls, and their babies, in Street Child’s Marginalised No More project and assisted 207 children with mild-moderate disabilities in the Democratic Republic, into the education system, by giving them access to assistive devices such as glasses and hearing aids, or non-complex corrective surgeries, along with in class support.

We strive to support our working parents and last year we started to send people welcoming a new child into their family, a gift from the From Babies with Love collection. This is alongside some practical benefits, to help our working parents feel supported. Over the past year, we have ordered over 150 gifts and we are delighted to see our partnership thriving and making a difference to so many young lives across the world.

From Babies with Love