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Compass Cymru Launch

Jonathan Foot, Head of Apprenticeships & Early Careers

This week we are celebrating the launch of Compass Cymru and as part of the launch, I wanted to showcase our new apprenticeship programmes for Wales.

We have a passion for food, our people and for great service. We have made a commitment to apprenticeships at Compass to support the skills development of existing employees as well as attracting new talent. Our apprenticeship programmes clearly show a structured visible roadmap to enable individuals to progress, allowing us to retain great people.

We work closely with our partners, training providers and colleges to deliver industry-leading and aspirational apprenticeships in culinary, FOH, FM, business, CS and management. This includes partnerships with Castell Howell and The Celtic Collection, the group behind the iconic Celtic Manor Resort, to offer hands on learning experiences. We are also working with Chef Bryn Williams as our Culinary Ambassador, who will contribute to the apprenticeship and training programme, working closely as a consultant for Compass Cymru.

The accredited, unique Craft Cuisine Apprenticeship at Level 2 & 3 has been exclusively designed and developed in association with the Applied Ability Awards (AAA) National Committee. Apprentices will be supported by Cambrian Training, our preferred delivery partner in Compass Cymru, through a nationally recognised, structured and accredited programme that will prepare apprentices to reach the GOLD Standard.

Our Professional Cuisine Level 4 programme has been designed by leading industry chefs as a natural craft progression pathway for senior chefs wanting to further develop themselves in new and innovative techniques and skills.

We are proud to have achieved the Skills Pledge Wales initiative, which complements our objectives, core themes and values as part of our apprenticeship development in Compass Cymru with our partners. The below outlines some of the activities that we have committed to as part of the Skills Pledge, including schools activities, local community activity, careers activity and to ensure that all staff commit to at least one development/training initiative in the next year.

The foodservice and hospitality industry has been one of the most badly affected by the COVID-19 crisis, but we have continued to support hundreds of apprentices throughout the pandemic. Hospitality has always been a vital part of the UK economy, offering meaningful employment for millions of committed workers and the time will come again very soon when our industry is back on its feet. At that point we will need a motivated and well-trained workforce to breathe new life into our venues and operations.

Apprenticeships are open to everyone. If you are interested in apprenticeships and have a passion for learning, please take the opportunity this week to find out more about how an apprenticeship can shape your life and change your future.

Jonathan Foot, Head of Apprenticeships & Early Careers