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Compass Group UK&I Introduce Pride in Food

By Jonathan Foot and John Carlin, co-chairs of Pride in Food

Our Pride in Food network’s primary aim is to ensure that everyone from the LGBTQ+ community feels confident in being themselves at work - not too much to ask, right?

Over the past few years our LGBTQ+ & Allies network has been actively working to become more visible within our UK & Ireland business.

Why is the LGBTQ+ & Allies network’s important?
National statistics indicate that up to 5% of the UK population identify as LGBTQ+ and it is also widely recognised that LGBTQ+ employees who are ‘out’ and feel supported by the business that they are working in, are up to 30% more productive, likely to trust their employer more, feel more satisfied with the rate of promotion, and are more loyal to the company. Therefore, by building on the current success of our LGBTQ+ & Allies network, that could mean thousands of our people being happier in their work – what a great result that would be.

Who are we?
Pride in Food strives to create an inclusive and diverse work environment where everyone can be themselves and maximise their potential, with an emphasis on respect, equality, teamwork and growth.

We are a wide and varied committee who are either from the community or Allies who want to show their support for the community.

So, what next?
2020 promises to be an exciting time for the committee, we have increased interest with many new committee members joining us in 2019. Along with the new faces comes some fresh thinking around approaches and ideas and we’re starting with naming our LGBTQ+ network Pride in Food, celebrating our core focus … Our food and great people.

Keep an eye out for more information on what we are up to. If you are a Compass employee, make sure you check Connect for updates and news and if you are member of the LGBTQ+ community we would love to hear from you.