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Creating a community that attracts new residents


Outstanding service that adds value to your community

People make communities. The service that your teams provide enhances this community feeling. To provide outstanding service to your residents, you need a great team that you can rely on, whose passion is to go above and beyond for the people they see and take care of every single day.

From remembering individual coffee orders or dietary requirements of guests and their visiting family members, to YOU receiving Christmas cards from residents because they feel like they know you, and that you're their friend.

Outstanding service starts with unique experiences, from specially trained individuals.

A community can be brought together through Outstanding Food & Drink

A great food offer is not just about one great restaurant but about flexibility, adaptability, seasonality, and sustainable sourcing, all of which make people smile.

We know there's a need to be diverse and flexible with your menus - having a team of expert executives and even celebrity chefs put you at the top of your game and an attractive option for prospective residents.

Just ask Julian Wilson!

We can give you the time back to do what you do best

How much time do you have to gather around the table and brainstorm new innovations or developments within your residence? Would you have more time if the day-to-day of your facility was being managed by an expert team with the highest credentials in seamless service and operations?

To run outstanding facilities takes time, money, and expertise. Freeing up your expert time to focus on developing the facility from the front end will ultimately support the goals to increase tenancy levels by allowing you to focus on that strategy and get yourselves out there!

Speaking of getting yourselves out there...

Giving your restaurants an identity that adds to the community

Why you? When choosing a residence to move to there are many considerations at play. But the anchoring reason most people choose to relocate to a private residence is for the community.

You need to create an identity. With identity comes community, and with community, comes everything. Think of it this way:

  • Restaurant 1 - no longer just a restaurant, but the restaurant famous for its Monday night karaoke and cocktail-making nights. With bright lights and music throughout the ages with a themed menu to match!
  • Restaurant 2 - where now, every Thursday residents get together for cheese and wine tasting from across the globe with a renowned sommelier.
  • The Café - where residents and families go for tea and a cake, but on Tuesday afternoons people gather in its eccentric room for afternoon tea and book club!

Branded, hosted, managed, catered for... a tall order, but achievable through an expert provider like Compass Group UK&I.

Reach out to us today here cristel.worth@compass-group.co.uk and Find Your Way Home.