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CSR success at FSM Awards!

Duncan Gray, Head of Corporate Responsibility - Compass Group UK & Ireland

On Monday 20th November, our Corporate Responsibility strategy was recognised at the Foodservice Management (FSM) Awards.

We were so proud to take home the CSR award last week. Based predominantly around the targets and achievements of our Corporate Responsibility Report 2016, our submission outlined key areas of focus within our four pillars: sourcing, people, environment and health. Within every CR initiative we follow a “Three Ps Formula”, conceiving the overriding “Priorities” by setting objectives, working with “Partners” for great results and finally measuring “Performance” to gauge success.

We’ve succeeded because colleagues in so many of our business units have really got behind the priorities. Take for instance our work to cut our food waste by 10% by the turn of the decade. One way we’re delivering this is by partnering with food-tech company Winnow, using their ‘smart-scales’ kit in hundreds of our kitchens. We’ve seen some great results come from this partnership: one example of success is the kitchen at The Wellcome Trust which has seen their food waste reduce by more than 70% since we’ve introduced the technology.  

We have also seen similarly strong results in our new, sectorised charity fundraising efforts. Nowhere is this more evident than in our Healthcare team. They set themselves an ambitious target of raising £151,000 in three years to fund a project run by Alzheimer’s Society – having met this target a year early they are now starting a new project!

These two examples make up just a fraction of the total CR effort being undertaken at Compass. I’ve previously written about how, in January of this year, we collated all our work to publish our CR Report 2016 and we will be doing the same early next year, providing an update on how we’re getting on.  

Winning this award was a great acknowledgement of all the work we’ve done. A huge thank you must go out to all those who have worked on our projects and thank you too to the FSM Awards team for recognising our work.

Compass Group UK & Ireland won the CSR Award at the Foodservice Management Awards
Duncan Gray, Head of Corporate Responsibility - Compass Group UK & Ireland