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Day in the life of our Executive team


Following on from the last year’s successful initiative “Back to the shop floor” which saw our executive team shadow an apprentice, this year to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week the idea was reversed.

Our Executive team have spent time with our amazing apprenticeships sharing an insight into their working world as part of a “Day in the life” experience.

Let’s catch up with some of them to find out a little bit more about their days.

Jack Stringfellow, Finance Assistant FP&A – B&I studying for his L3 Assistant Accountant spent time with Gareth Sharpe, Finance Director for Compass Group UK & Ireland. 

“Today has amplified my career ambitions and aspirations. I have loved every minute with Gareth and learnt so much about his own career and will be able to take onboard some of his own learnings and advice. The day has made me feel more confident to trust in my own ability – sitting in a meeting I saw how my work contributes to the bigger picture and it has made me want to learn more."

Gareth commented:Days like these make me realise the amazing amount of talent we have within our business. Apprenticeships give individuals the opportunity to learn and develop, and Jack was no exception. He brought lots of energy and enthusiasm with him today and asked some thought-provoking questions.

Working alongside our apprentices is a great experience for us all, to take a step back and reflect how the business is seen by them and to show them the many areas Compass operates within. It was also a great learning for me and Jack is one to watch.”

Dean Alunan, General Manager, Medirest Signature is studying for his L6 Chartered Manager Degree and spent time with Managing Director for Healthcare, Russell Blake. 

Dean said: “Today has turbo charged my career ambitions and aspirations. I have loved every minute with Russell and learnt so much about his role and the wider business, which will prove really valuable for my development. I feel more focussed and driven than ever – inspired by spending time with senior leaders. Thanks to everyone for organising this and taking the time to support me.”

Russell added: “Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for individuals to learn and develop, but they also ensure we have a talent pipeline for our future business needs. Dean is a brilliant example of someone that has grasped every opportunity adding huge value to our organisation and his personal journey is testament to the hard work he puts in. Today has been a great way to share ideas and insights – well done Dean for coming along with such a wonderful attitude.”

Chris Chidley, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer for Compass Group UK & Ireland spent the day with Corinne Tracz who works in our Cuisine Centre.

Chris commented: “It was amazing to meet someone who is on the programme and hear firsthand what the experience is like through her eyes. Behind the positive experience I also discovered the challenges she faces into as well: time management of balancing the day job and study, and finding the new areas of a business to link to her study requirements.

But even with the challenges, she’s smashing it!!! It's amazing to see how these opportunities are making a difference to people.”

Mark Webster Managing Director for Compass One spent the day with Allan Price from ESS who is undertaking a L6 Chartered Manager Degree.

Mark added: "We had a wonderful day with Allan in London, where he joined Dianah Sweeney and I at a growth meeting with an industry partner.  During the afternoon Allan supported a sales presentation and would like to support future sales activity within the Defence sector.  It was great to meet with him and to understand his journey as an apprentice and how we can help to fulfil his future career aspirations.  Thanks to Allan for spending a day with Dianah and I.’


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Day in the life of some of our Executive Team