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Dipna Anand showcases Indian desserts in recent workshop


We caught up with the Apprenticeships Team who recently attended one of Dipna Anand’s training sessions with 10 chefs from across Compass Group UK & Ireland .

Inspired by her father’s authentic Punjabi dishes at their renowned family restaurant, Brilliant Restaurant, Dipna is on a mission to prove that true Indian cuisine can be inventive and delicious.

10 eager chefs were ready and waiting, keen to expand their repertoire, work with spices and understand a little more about Indian cooking. Supported by her father, Dipna effortlessly demonstrated the four desserts. It was evident that Dipna is so passionate about sharing her love of Indian cooking, as everyone was mesmerised. Slowly and patiently the desserts came together.

Answering questions from the chefs, they discussed how the dishes could be adapted for their different consumers, Dipna also shared her experiences of trailing new dishes and creating desserts with a twist.

The desserts were presented and created four very different desserts

  • Suji Halwa – Semolina pudding
  • Gajar Ka Halwa – Carrot and milk pudding
  • Seveyan – Vermicelli milk pudding
  • Gulub Jamun Cheesecake

Dipna talked about the many famous guests she has hosted in her restaurant and her passion and enthusiasm truly shone, helping our apprentice participants with their learning of this unique skill. shared the tale that King Charles III “loved the carrot pudding when he visited”

Let us here from some of the chefs who participated.

“What a great session today. It was great to learn from a pro in her field and also to witness the great relationship between her and her father. Really informative and great fun at the same time. We’ve been cooking and eating desserts all day so I may have put on a few kilos!”

“It was such a different experience and it’s great for me as I never normally get to make desserts, so I will definitely be taking away a lot of learnings.”

“It was great to gain as much experience as possible during the really hands on course”

“Fantastic and loved meeting new people from all the different sectors.”

“It is great to see how you can take some simple ingredients which result in tasty tantalising dishes.”

“Great relaxed atmosphere learning from a guru.”

“You can see these courses are not just about learning new skills but also networking and understanding the different nuances of the sectors.”

Apprentices who attended:

Omar Daley-Brown, Morgan Richards, Juliet Duvor, Daniel Lucas, Agnieszka Jones, Daniel Brace, Tom Ives, Roselle Wu, Craig Allen and Daniel Connelly