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Duncan Gray

We’re proud to support the charity Drop4Drop, which has so far seen us help 155,000 people get access to clean drinking water, as a result of the sales of bottled water we have sold throughout our business.

Drop4Drop provide clean drinking water wells in developing countries, which are funded through the sales of Life Water and Smartwater. We have helped to fund 118 wells in developing countries, including 11 in July alone.

We teamed up with Drop4Drop because we believe that everyone should have access to clean water, and as the UK’s largest catering and hospitality provider we can make a real difference.

We’re really proud of all of the projects we have funded, supporting communities in the developing world. By providing clean water, people are able to have healthier lives and to use their time more productively – instead of spending hours a day seeking out water, allowing them more time for education and employment.

Find out more about some of the wells we have funded here: https://www.life-water.co.uk/compass

Communities we have supported through Drop4Drop include:

Chinnasettipalli Community in Andhra Pradesh, India

This project was funded by Chartwells, our education business, and dedicated to Roehampton University, giving the community of 2350 people a source of clean water that can be easily accessed whenever they need it. Before they received thiswell, the community suffered from water scarcity issues and had to walk long distances to a canal to collect water.

Mozambique – a new focus

Drop4Drop has recently begun a large scale scheme across Mozambique restoring broken bore-wells. Mozambique is struggling with extreme poverty and severely unhealthy living conditions. Ranked with the 22nd highest child mortality rate in the world, many children don't make it to the age of 5.

Mozambique also has one of the lowest rates of water and sanitation coverage in sub-Saharan Africa. The country also struggles with floods and earthquakes, which affects the water crisis further. 49% of Mozambicans do not have access to a clean water supply and this figure rises to 62% among rural communities, which is where drop4drop is carrying out the work.

Duncan Gray

Head of Corporate Responsibility, Compass Group UK & Ireland

Projects in July 2017

Here is a list of the projects we completed in July 2017, ten of which were in Mozambique:

  • Pedaballi Community. Andhra Pradesh, India. Population 1125. Funded by ESS and Defence.
  • Tororo Community. Mozambique. Population 4017. Funded by Chartwells.
  • Natugo Community. Mozambique. Population 1804. Funded by Healthcare Retail.
  • Mecute Community. Mozambique. Population 256. Funded by Eurest.
  • Muaguide Hospital. Mozambique. Population 1624.Funded by Levy Restaurants.
  • Italia Community. Mozambique. Population 308. Funded by Restaurant Associates.
  • Chipingo Community. Mozambique. Population 428. Funded by Chartwells.
  • Mahate Maternidade Community. Mozambique. Population 1936. Funded by Medirest.
  • Quissanga Praia Community. Mozambique. Population 957. Funded by Eurest.
  • Mahate Sede Community. Mozambique. Population 1936. Funded by Levy.
  • Mikumbu Community. Mozambique. Population 414. Funded by Restaurant Associates.
We're really proud of the work we do with Drop4Drop, providing clean drinking water for communities who need it