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ESS standing in support of our Armed Forces

Mark Webster, Managing Director ESS

The military stands as one of our most respected institutions. Those in uniform, swear to protect and defend our country and by stepping up and volunteering they risk their lives so that we can live ours in freedom and safety. As a business ESS has been providing support services to our Armed Forces for the last 40 years and we are stronger for our associations with them.

The recent challenges of COVID-19 showcased the capabilities of our military as they played a vital role in supporting the nation throughout this pandemic. In ESS our teams are passionate about serving and supporting them, even more so during these unprecedented times and we played our part to ensure our forces never marched on an empty stomach. We have been supporting military operations, civilian agencies and partner organisations from the usual core meals and retail services to implementing social distancing, enhanced cleaning and additional services for those in isolation. Our ESS key workers have continued their roles often under pressure and with tight time constraints to help keep Defence working.       

I’ve been inspired and truly humbled this Armed Forces Week by some of the stories I’ve heard from our proud veterans and reservists across the Compass family. It’s been great, not just for me, but for the teams in which they work to hear them talking about their experiences.

As proud signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant, we believe that ex-service personnel should have access to the same employment opportunities as their civilian counterparts. Many of the skills they possess are invaluable in our organisation. From the time they enter service, veterans are coached to take on leadership responsibilities. In field situations, they must be ready, willing, and able to make quick decisions in an ever changing and uncertain situations, vital transferrable for a fast-paced work environment. Military veterans are the ultimate team players, accustomed to thinking in terms of what is best for their team. They are trained and expected to be able to perform under pressure and in trying conditions all while judging priorities and accomplishing goals.

We must continue to support our veterans. In fact, we can all so do something, every business, every profession, every community to show our support, salute our Armed Forces and thank them for their service. 

ESS Standing in Support of Our Armed Forces