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Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

By Barney Smyth, Partnership Manager, Fairtrade

For the next couple of weeks we are celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight, the annual campaign to raise awareness and support the farmers and workers who grow our food. With Fairtrade and through making small purchasing decisions we have the power to change the world every day.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 invites you to ‘Come On In’ to Fairtrade and see what life is like for the people producing some of favourite food and drinks. By putting a spotlight on trade we can help to improve the lives of the farmers and workers around the world. When trade is fair, it can make the world a better place. Together we have that power, so get involved and be part of the difference.

This year’s Fairtrade Fortnight campaign opens doors to find out about producers like Marcial, a banana farmer from Panama and Justine, a coffee farmer and chair of a women’s group that runs an orphanage, nursery and primary school in Uganda. Marcial says; “Before joining Fairtrade we didn’t see any benefits, development or profit. The price we used to receive per box wasn’t enough to cover our costs – and for 17 years the price didn’t change. Since starting with Fairtrade it’s made a mega-revolution in our lives”

Justine says; “The Fairtrade Premium is like a miracle to us, it comes directly into our hands. It is an acknowledgement of our work, of what we are capable of and who we are. It is so important to us, thank you!”

Across the globe, millions of hard-working producers like Marcial and Justine are fighting for a fair deal, supported by Fairtrade, earning their way out of poverty and transforming their communities.

By offering Fairtrade products, and encouraging more people to ‘Come On In’ to Fairtrade, and choose, share and shout about it in the UK means producers like Marcial and Justine have more power to break the stranglehold of poverty prices.

There’s never been a more important time to stand with producers through Fairtrade – to protect the progress you’ve achieved and to welcome more producers in to Fairtrade.

We spoke to Head of Corporate Responsibility for Compass Group UK & Ireland, Duncan Gray about their work with Fairtrade:
“As a long term committed supporter of Fairtrade certified products, we are delighted to support Fairtrade Fortnight. In the last year alone, across our sites we have sold over six and a half million Fairtrade bananas and approximately 25 million cups of Fair Trade tea and coffee, which has generated a significant Fairtrade Premium, an additional sum of money paid on top of the selling price for producers to invest in their communities.

“We are also really proud of our investment in the Women’s Leadership School in Cote d’Ivoire, which is funded through our new range of EATFAIR products, with 5p of every product sold going towards the school, contributing to our commitment of raising £50,000 for this programme. One year on and it’s been great to see the positive results of the school already, 22 individuals have enrolled this year, with plans to grow the school further next year, helping them to make positive changes to their lives.”

We therefore invite you to ‘Come On In’ in this Fairtrade Fortnight to see what life is like for producers like Marical and Justine who are transforming their communities through Fairtrade.

Read here for more information about the Women in Leadership school.