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Gearing up for growth: Senior Private Living & Why You Need the Experts


Exciting retail and brand partnerships, new innovations, change-ups, supporting social value, being sustainable, being trendy and being... better than the rest.

Delivering exceptional experiences to each and every resident, creating a community, managing spiralling costs and growing resident numbers.

Ensuring you are doing all of this and ticking these boxes to grow your business is a challenge. How can you spin so many plates? How can we do this and be cost-effective? How do we go about generating new partnerships?

The simple answer is - you don't. We do - Our specialist teams across procurement, innovation, design, retail, sustainability, social value and more make the process of being competitive in your market easy, allowing you the time and resources to focus on what you do best.

Outsourcing not only has the advantage of tapping into our £1bn worth of purchasing power but also gives you access to all the expertise we have acquired whilst evolving into the largest global contract food caterer!

From individual ingredients you order, right down to the paper straws used at the bar, procurement is a huge undertaking.

With a procurement powerhouse spanning 70+ specialist categories and a team of procurement professionals, we are experts at procurement. With over 70+ specialist categories the choice, agility, quality, and flexibility of produce from us ensures and maintains the highest levels of service and quality you want to maintain.

Security of your standards and the challenge - all ours.

Security of standards goes wider than just procurement and expertise. Critical for successfully growing, increasing resident numbers and creating amazing communities is fighting the labour shortage and training.

The time and cost associated with recruiting the right team can be a significant challenge and hindrance for growth.

With regular changes, a back-of-house operation can rarely become smooth and seamless.

A seamless back-of-house operation creates a positive and community-led environment from the inside- out. Our team of experts not only build teams but deliver continuous training to maintain exceptional quality. With familiar faces, a constant, resident satisfaction is higher, and the efficiency and productivity of the facilities and catering team increased.

The best part? The troubles and challenges you faced around recruitment and operational logistics no longer exist, allowing you more time to focus on what you do best.

For more information on our guide to growth within the Senior Private Living Sector, reach out to our experts today cristel.worth@compass-group.co.uk