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Marcus Wareing Forward Programme - Cohort Two


Our apprenticeships team recently caught up with the apprentices who are taking part in the Forward Programme by Marcus Wareing.

‘Forward with Marcus Wareing’ is an enhanced programme, which runs alongside a Level 4 Senior Culinary Chef or Level 5 Operations Departmental Manager apprenticeship standard - delivered in partnership with national hospitality training provider, HIT Training. This best-in-class apprenticeship equips chefs with exceptional culinary skills and is brought to life through extracurricular enrichment activities, delivering practical experiences to the group.

Let’s hear from some of them now:

Aga Jones – Head Chef for Dine on how the programme has helped her team.

“Sharing these learning experiences with the client has helped demonstrate the added value Compass brings to the partnership. I have introduced things on to our menu which keeps it exciting and rewarding for my team - so much so that two of my team are signing up for apprenticeships themselves. I feel like I have inspired other people to look at their own development.”


Ian Lancaster, Executive Chef for ESS – Defence, Marine & Aerospace on why he recommends the programme.

“It’s challenging without a doubt, and it is certainly something different. Presenting to the panel each time has taken me out of my comfort zone and it has helped me grow as a person. The benefits of the programme have been huge. Working with the teams from other sectors is something that we don't normally get to do – a great experience.  I love the opportunity to take a step away from my day-today role to develop my skills and learning.”


Joseph Doherty – Executive Chef for Restaurant Associates on what excites him about the programme.

“It's the constant discovery. We have learnt about mood food and the link between nutrition, health and mental health. We know how important it is to eat healthily for a good mind, but I didn't quite appreciate the role that the gut played in the mental health. So that was a real eye opener. I loved the GroundUp Cookery sessions. It’s amazing to visit your local area and become aware of the number of edible items just down your street.”


Graham Hart – Culinary Lead for B&I sharing what he has enjoyed about the programme.

“I have really enjoyed the programme and the opportunity to share our learnings with our own teams but also future cohorts. Working with my fellow cohort, coming together on a regular basis and implementing everything that we've learned is really exciting.”


Brett Seagrave - Regional Chef for ESS – Defence, Marine & Aerospace on why he is enjoying the programme.

“It’s about learning new skills. We’ve been learning about mental and gut health, becoming more financially aware, sourcing in your local area and overall, I am just developing in confidence. It’s about meeting new people. I feel it’s imperative to learn because if we don't learn, we don't grow, and we don't move forward – and the business does not grow.”