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Q&A with Bryn Williams, Compass Cymru’s Culinary Ambassador


Team members recently had the opportunity to virtually join Compass Cymru’s Culinary Ambassador Bryn Williams for a live Q&A and coffee morning. It was brilliant to offer teams across Wales the chance to get to know Bryn better, gain insight into his career experience and learn more about how he is supporting Compass Cymru’s apprentices with their learning and development.

How do you work with Compass Cymru?
I have worked with Compass in various capacities for fourteen years now. Being more involved in contract catering has taught me so much about the hospitality industry and I’ve truly seen a different side to it. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some really passionate people within Compass and I’ve learnt many new skills, particularly around delivering great food for much larger numbers.

A highlight of my partnership was helping launch Compass Cymru in April 2021 as Culinary Ambassador and as a result, focusing more on Wales’ unique and brilliant food and drink offering. I’ve travelled extensively during my career and I personally think it offers one of the finest larders in the world.

How does Compass Cymru fit in with your own ethos and approach to training?
The business is committed to investing in its people and their skill sets, which is something that really resonates with me. I’m a firm believer in elevating the abilities of individuals so they can climb up the ladder. I think that most skills can be taught, but the important thing is passion and dedication, and Compass Cymru is committed to recognising that and providing an opportunity for anyone with enthusiasm to develop their skills through the brilliant apprenticeship programme. I am Culinary Ambassador for the apprenticeship scheme, often working directly with apprentices through skills workshops, and I consider this a great honour.

How have you supported Compass Cymru’s apprentices?
I think that watching and working alongside others is how you really learn, which is why I am so pleased to work with Compass Cymru’s apprentices. Apprenticeships are really important because they give people the chance to build their skills within a structured learning setting in the environment that is right for them.

Compass Cymru’s apprenticeship programme aims to inspire and support the building of a successful long-term career – for both current employees and those from outside of the business. The scheme offers people-structured, visible roadmaps and is a true commitment to home-grown Welsh talent.

Today’s chefs are the future of our industry and it’s never been more important to ensure the next generation of talent is both retained and nurtured. I see this as a crucial part of my role with Compass Cymru and I’m delighted to support it.

Read more on the apprenticeship scheme with Compass Cymru on: https://www.compass-group.co.uk/jobs/early-careers/

Culinary Ambassador of Compass Cymru, Chef Bryn Williams