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Regional approach is a recipe for success

Jane Byrd, Managing Director, Compass Cymru

Jane Byrd, the newly appointed Managing Director of Compass Cymru, tells us why she's excited by the launch of the new Welsh division. 

"The launch of Compass Cymru is a major milestone for both Compass Group UK & Ireland and for Wales. I’ve worked for Compass for 20 years, and this new regional approach to the business is one of the most exciting changes to happen in that time. Compass has put a real focus on the regions, recognising the many benefits of regional sourcing and supporting the local economy and communities we operate in.

We’re extremely lucky in the UK to have such a variety of fantastic resources, with the natural larders of Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland acknowledged the world over for their individual specialities. It is a significant development for a global company to focus on these assets, and I’m proud to be a part of it, leading Compass Cymru and showcasing all that Wales has to offer.

Compass Cymru is built on trust, transparency and this regional approach to delivering first class partnerships. We already have brilliant relationships with organisations and suppliers, but this new approach will allow us to take this one step further.

People are at the front and centre of all we do, so we’ve also announced our commitment to developing at least 50 new apprentices through our apprenticeship programme, helping to support the next generation of Welsh culinary and hospitality talent.

As Wales starts to recover from the impact of the pandemic, we need to ensure our industry is as strong and resilient as it can be, and we need to make sure a generation of talent is not lost to us. At Compass Cymru, we see apprenticeships as a vital tool to retain and recruit new talent into the Welsh hospitality sector for the long term. 

It is through having a motivated and well-trained workforce that we will see recovery in the hospitality industry, and from that, of course, we will see a knock-on effect through our supply chain, customer base and other businesses with whom we work.

The wonderful Welsh chef, Bryn Williams will also be on hand to support and inspire our new apprentices, and it’s an honour to have him on board with us as Culinary Ambassador. He will ensure the spirit of Welsh food and drink remains a focus of our offering, sharing his passion for using Welsh ingredients.

Despite the inevitable challenges post-COVID, it’s a surprisingly exciting time to be in our industry. I’m confident that focusing on the future of our people and a commitment to regional sourcing will bring many benefits to the business and deliver genuine, long-term recovery. The future for Compass Cymru is bright, and I’m looking forward to helping it develop."