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Support for drop4drop is more Important than ever

By Andy Jones, Managing Director, Healthcare Retail, Compass Group UK & Ireland

With the current challenges we are all facing, it’s easy to forget all the great things we were doing before Covid-19 arrived on our shores.

At Compass, our healthcare teams have been committed to supporting Life Water and its associated charity drop4drop, for several years. Every bottle of Life Water that we sell, funds clean water projects across the globe and I have been to visit some of these projects myself – so it’s something that’s really close to my heart.

Our teams are currently working round the clock supporting NHS organisations to provide 24 hour meals and hot and cold drinks to frontline NHS workers. For example, at Cambridge University Hospitals (Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie Hospitals) we have been helping the organisation to provide up to 3500 meals a day, including some bottles of water. This means we are able to continue to support struggling communities across Africa and Asia with accessing clean water.

Our latest Medirest clean water project, has been in a community in Mozambique. Access to water to practice proper handwashing and sanitation procedures is essential right now. However, so many communities are still denied the ability to minimise the spread of the coronavirus, through lack of water. This community in Mozambique is now being supported by the drop4drop team, who have been granted authority by their government to undertake emergency rural COVID response and training initiatives.

The drop4drop team are setting up hand-wash stations in the communities, also teaching families how to use their resources to fight the spread of the virus as best as possible. This work couldn’t be more vital and we’re so proud that we have been able to help this community.