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The Caterer - What does the next year hold for hospitality?


As seen in the Caterer - 4 January 2024

Rak Kalidas, MD of Built by Levy, on the convenience of technology:

"Operators need to look towards technology when looking at enhancing experiences for consumers - if they don't they're in danger of being left behind. Technical innovations are a driving force when it comes to improving speed of service and consistency of the consumer food and beverage journey at sporting, leisure and entertainment occasions. 

"Next year is all about pushing boundaries. I think self-service options will become commonplace as more and more customers demand the tech which is becoming part of everyday life."


Matt Thomas, MD at Restaurant Associates on office culture:

"I don't think the rhythm in terms of work-life balance is fully established yet, so for 2024 I'm optimistic that the volumes of people coming back into the office will return. The pinch points on Monday and Friday shoulder days will be less obvious and will blend out. 

"Food will remain the primary catalyst for people returning to the office - food creates engagement, collaborations and happiness. Some of the pressures around the availability of people have softened and we've retained our people - historically attrition was 34-38%, but we are now at 25%. What's interesting is when growth occurs, people learn that they can stay with the same employer and grow their skillset, which is really important. 

"Finally, good quality caterers will talk about environmental, social and governance, net zero and that should continue. We should be confident in leading the charge in those areas. 

The convenience of technology