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Barista Academy: Pariwartan Nepal

Case Study

Pari’s coffee journey is a tale of one man’s love for coffee. Moving to the UK in 2009, Pari had no previous experience in hot beverage. Beginning in the hospitality sector initially as a waiter, Pari discovered coffee and started to teach himself to produce latte art by watching tutorials on YouTube.

This was just the beginning and soon Pari was one of the star baristas at a top London university, taking on the responsibility of a supervisor role for the first time. When he saw the opportunity for a similar role at the first Café Dallucci, Compass’ own café/ deli offer, Pari knew it was a chance too good to turn down. And of course he got the job and he’s now been working there for just over two years.

Pari puts his progression from barista novice to expert down to two things: his dedication to coffee and training. He has already completed three Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) foundation courses and a London School of Tea course and will now have the chance to complete many more as he works towards his SCA diploma.

Pari said; “I am so excited to be part of the Barista Academy and lead the way in hot beverages for Compass. Coffee gives us the chance to tantalise the taste buds of our customers, but also entertain them. I can’t wait to get involved in the Academy and spread the word of great coffee around the business.”

Pari Nepal