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Barista Academy: Sharon Trundle

Case Study

18 years ago, in a hotel near to her home Sharon’s career in catering and hospitality started. Amazingly, Sharon didn’t even drink coffee then, let alone know much about how to produce the skilful drinks she does now.


Over a twelve year period, Sharon became the life and soul of the place, throwing herself into a number of different roles. Still with limited experience in coffee, Sharon joined the restaurant’s front-of-house team, where her interest in coffee started to blossom. Five years later, Sharon joined Compass’ barista community at the Caffé Dallucci in Compass House, Chertsey.


Sharon has now become a much-loved member of the Dallucci team. Training courses have been the key to her progression and she is now a leading barista in the Compass business.


Sharon said: “The final day of trials was one of the most nerve-wracking things I have ever done, so I’m so pleased the judges liked what I created. I would like to thank my manager for pushing me to apply and being generally so helpful in my learning and development. Now I am just looking forward to getting involved as much as possible with the Academy and further progressing my skills and knowledge.”

Sharon Trundle