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Compass Group UK & Ireland Fairtrade Partnership with Tate & Lyle

Case Study

Farmers earning a decent living for the fruits of their efforts. That’s the foundation upon which Fairtrade was built more than 30 years ago.

Fairtrade works toward this goal through a system of minimum prices for some crops, a Fairtrade premium paid in addition to the price, and supporting farmers’ associations to support their members.

Fairtrade farmers' associations offer farmers training and advice; they bring economies of scale, where farm inputs and services are jointly acquired for all members. They also strengthen members’ power by speaking with a louder, collective voice. Fairtrade Standards guide and require farmers’ associations to operate in a democratic, non-discriminatory and transparent fashion. The development of farmer organisations is also assisted by local Fairtrade staff and financially supported by Fairtrade Premium.

In 2020, the sale of Fairtrade products within Compass UK & Ireland generated approximately £91,000 of Fairtrade Premium for farming communities across the planet.

A portion of this premium was raised through our partnership with Tate & Lyle, funding projects ranging from building vegetable gardens in schools, to creating learning centres for women and vulnerable young people.

In Belize, 2,000 plants have been gifted to farmers; a mixture of native trees and also fruit trees that provide an extra source of food to the community. The trees were a welcome addition, after years of several hurricanes meant that previous trees had been destroyed. All trees provide shade, support wildlife and improve the soil quality which in turn boosts the productivity of their land.

In 2020, Compass Group UK & Ireland generated over £22,000 of premium with Tate & Lyle for farming communities in Belize.

You can find out more about this project as well as others at progressivesugar.com

Pictured (left) is Yasuri Moh with her Orange tree and (right) Narcidalia and Diego Moh with their orange and avocado tree.