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Our Graduates - Tashana Dodd

Case Study

Our Graduate schemes aim to develop our next generation of leaders. Covering all things Operations, the programme provides structured development and real job experience over a two year period.

Tashana started on our Operations graduate programme in 2022 and is currently in her final rotation as an Events Co-ordinator.

Why did you join the Compass Grad scheme?

I’ve always wanted to do a Graduate scheme because they are great for learning and career progression. I realised before applying that actually I want to go into management, so when I saw that Compass was looking for management trainees, I thought it would be a good opportunity. The rotational nature of the graduate programme was appealing to give me a feel for different sectors. Without having to change my job, I get to experience lots of different areas of the business.

Talk us through your experience applying and the programme

With applications, I’ve always thought it’s best to be honest and explain your points well. For instance, when asked about your strengths and weaknesses, I gave the example that I'm always happy to help, but because of that sometimes I get overwhelmed. I would advise people to do the same and be open throughout. In terms of the interview, I made sure I did a lot of research on Compass beforehand, so that I was prepared and could answer a range of questions with confidence.

For the Grad programme I would say people should always be willing to help others, so you can learn more about what they do. Also, if you have an interest in a certain area, just ask, your managers, teams and mentors - they are always willing to help and I have picked up lots of news skills this way, as we work in such a diverse business.

What are your top tips for others wanting to join a Grad scheme?

I would really recommend a Grad scheme as a good option for learning and development after finishing a Uni course. It has given me a good range of experience and knowledge.

In terms of advice –

  • Do your research before you apply and during the interview process – you need to make sure the opportunity is right.
  • Be yourself and be honest.
  • Use the opportunities to network. Speak to as many people as you can within the business and during the process.

For more information on the grad scheme visit here