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Our Social Promise - Our People's Stories - Brandon Sage

Case Study

Brandon Sage currently works at the Apprenticeship Team in the Parklands Office of Compass Group UK & Ireland, while undertaking a Level 3 Business Administrator qualification. Brandon's apprenticeship journey began in 2021 when he joined the Apprenticeship Team as a Kickstarter. This initial six-month program provided him with an excellent opportunity to gain practical work experience while assisting others in getting into the Kickstarter program. He enjoyed the work and team so much, that when he was offered the opportunity to continue in the role, he jumped at the chance.  

Brandon's responsibilities include screening calls and carrying out crucial administrative tasks. This role allows him to contribute to the smooth functioning of the Apprenticeship Team while honing his organisational and communication skills. Brandon's apprenticeship not only provides him with hands-on experience but also offers the opportunity to earn a valuable Level 3 Business Administrator qualification. This combination of practical work and formal education ensures that Brandon is continually developing his skills and knowledge in his job role. 

Brandon's role within the Apprenticeship Team has given him a unique perspective on the world of apprenticeships. Through his work, he not only witnesses first-hand how apprenticeships function but also plays a vital role in helping individuals secure apprenticeship opportunities. This experience has deepened his understanding of the value of apprenticeships in opening doors for individuals who are just starting out in their careers. Brandon’s advice to others thinking about completing an apprenticeship is: “Compass allows you to study and implement what you learn at the same time, which is an amazing way to build your career. I’m so happy I took the plunge of applying to work at Compass, and I’m even happier I can help others who want to work for Compass as well”. 

Looking to the future, Brandon plans to stay within the Apprenticeship Team, building on his experience and expanding his skill set. By continuing to invest in his personal and professional growth, Brandon aims to enhance his abilities while helping others start their careers at Compass.  

For more information on Our Social Promise visit: Our Social Promise | Compass Group UK&I (compass-group.co.uk)

Brandon Sage