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Our Social Promise - Our People's Stories - Naomi Farrell

Case Study

Naomi studied Business Management and Marketing at Edge Hill University before embarking on the Operations Management Graduate Scheme in October 2020. Initially attracted to the scheme because of the variety of industries that Compass works within; Naomi has explored a broad spectrum of Compass. 

Naomi's journey at Compass Group UK began with her first rotation in Chartwells as a Student Engagement Manager. In this role, she immersed herself in the front-line operations of the Uni she worked within, improving overall student engagement. For her second rotation, Naomi transitioned into central marketing at Chartwells - focusing on communications for primary schools, Naomi was able to build on her skills as a front-line worker from her first rotation. 

In her third rotation, Naomi joined the ESS. Taking on a project manager role. Through diverse rotations, Naomi has built on skills in areas such as student engagement, marketing, operations management, and project management. Relying on her broad experiences, Naomi's fourth rotation of the Grad Scheme saw her take on the role of Operations Manager for a multi-service contract within 14Forty. Leading a team responsible for providing cleaning, catering, and security services across a large three-site contract, Naomi was able to showcase all of her previous experience gained to aid in the mobilisation of a multi-million-pound contract.  

Having enjoyed the last rotation so much, Naomi stayed within Business & Industry as a Project Manager as the digital lead for B&I & sector-lead for Time2Eat. Naomi is also currently part of the Next Generation Academy; a year-long course which allows candidates to learn all about growth, sales and retention while implementing them in practice in their roles within Compass.  

Naomi’s advice is to always ASK for opportunities. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and get things wrong. Always be accountable. That’s how you learn and grow in your role. Naomi said: “Compass is such a huge organisation, by networking and getting to know colleagues outside your immediate ‘working circle’ you will not only broaden who you know, but what you know as well”.  

For more information on Our Social Promise visit: Our Social Promise | Compass Group UK&I (compass-group.co.uk)

Naomi Farrell