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Our Social Promise - Our People's Stories - Sam Nyarko

Case Study

Sam Nyarko graduated from De Montfort University with a Business and Management degree. He applied for the Operations Management Graduate Scheme because he wanted to explore different sectors and different roles before settling on a career.  

Starting on the Graduate Programme in 2020, Sam’s first rotation took him to 14forty at a site near Liverpool, where he assumed the role of a facilities manager with a distinct focus on operations management. This experience allowed him to gain valuable insights into the intricacies of managing facilities while honing his skills in overseeing operational efficiency. 

In his second rotation, Sam's talent for adaptability and his eagerness to learn led him to one of our hospital, where he served as an operations manager with Medirest. Here, he had the opportunity to rotate across various departments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the hospital's operations and offering support where needed. This exposure to different departments within the hospital not only broadened his skill set but also highlighted his ability to thrive in varied environments. 

Continuing his journey of professional growth, Sam's third rotation brought him to a Eurest contract at a London Airport. As an operations manager in this fast-paced and dynamic environment, Sam had the unique opportunity to experience the diverse range of services offered at the airport. Sam also dabbled in project work, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Being able to work on different projects alongside his operational management role was why he joined the Graduate Scheme in the first place – to experience the vast opportunities that Compass Group UK & I has to offer.  

Sam's fourth rotation saw him assume the role of B&I sector lead for Time2Eat, Compass Group UK & I's food ordering app. During this time, Sam focused on mobilisations and project work, leveraging his operational expertise to drive forward mobilisation of Time2Eat at different sites. This role allowed Sam to use his project management skills that he started developing at the airport.  

In October 2022, after completing the Operations Manager Graduate Scheme, Sam's interest in project management led him to his current role as the Project Implementation Manager in the resourcing department. Sam works in a small, close-knit team of five colleagues, overseeing the implementation of projects related to recruiting and resources. Looking to the future, Sam envisions his continued growth within the company, aspiring to climb the vertical ladder of success while leveraging his current role to develop and refine his skills. He recognises the importance of building a solid foundation and believes in the power of seizing every opportunity to learn and expand his horizons. 

Sam's advice to others is rooted in his own experiences: "Do everything. Do not limit yourself to what you are good at. Get involved and step out of your comfort zone." His emphasis on embracing diverse experiences and challenges has played a crucial role in his own professional development.  

Furthermore, Sam highlights the vast network available within Compass Group UK & I, emphasising the value of leveraging this network to foster mentorships, personal growth and career advancement. With so many sectors, sites and employee’s there are no limits to what you can achieve at Compass Group UK & I.  

For more information on Our Social Promise visit: Our Social Promise | Compass Group UK&I (compass-group.co.uk)

Sam Nyarko