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Pariwartan Nepal - Senior Barista/Supervisor

Case Study

We are celebrating the people that bring our coffee to life – our talented community of baristas. Pari Nepal, is our fantastic Senior Barista/Supervisor at our Caffé Dallucci in Hammersmith and coffee master extraordinaire.


In the future, when people look back at the start of the 21st century and track the trends within the food and drink industry, it will be the coffee drinking revolution that will stand out. Currently sitting at 12%, the continual growth seen within this space has shown no signs of letting up. Our baristas are playing an important role in providing great experiences and great coffee for our customers.

Moving to the UK in 2009, Pari had no previous coffee knowledge. However, as he started to work more in the catering world, first as a waiter, a passion for the nuances – different type of beans and coffees as well as the ability to produce art – of coffee started to grow. It is testament to this modern, coffee-obsessed, technological age that Pari taught himself how to produce latte art by watching tutorials on Youtube.

Gifted with steamed milk in hand – creating amazing coffee art – and hugely personable with customers, Pari has been a hit wherever he has worked, whether that has been at one of London’s top universities before joining Compass at our own Caffé Dallucci. So progressed his skills have become, Pari has entered a number of high profile latte art competitions, achieving a Gold medal in the barista section of TUCO’s 2015 Barista Skills Challenge and most recently entering the London Latte Art Smackdown.

The training and development of our baristas under-pins everything we do in executing and delivering hot beverages to a consistently high standard. Even with Pari’s background in coffee, he completed three SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) foundation courses and a Tea Smiths course with the London School of Tea in addition to a water basics course run in conjunction with Brita and some further technical training with our key supplier UCC Coffee. This combination of training has seen Pari build on his already substantial skill, becoming a more rounded and consistent barista.

Pari also has a track record of improving not only his own skills but also those around him; his enjoyment of training his colleagues is palpable. Now in the role of Senior Barista/Supervisor, he has a team of four he has been training and the results have been impressive. With the supervisor role has come more responsibility; Pari manages and supports his team, keeps tabs on stock and general coffee shop maintenance as well as liaising with the manager on areas where they could improve.

Speaking on his time at Compass and what the future could hold Pari said: “Working at Caffé Dallucci has been fantastic. I’ve been able to improve my barista skills, as well as my colleagues, and have really enjoyed the environment. I love the look of amazement on the customers face after you produce the perfect piece of art.

“In terms of the future, I am looking forward to entering more competitions and gaining experience through talking to other baristas at these events. I hope to keep training those around me and sharing the knowledge I have built up.”

Pariwartan Nepal - Senior Barista/Supervisor at Caffe Dallucci - Hammersmith
Pari's Latte Art