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Stop Food Waste Day - How Steamplicity reduces food waste to below 2.5%

Case Study

Compass Group’s global initiative Stop Food Waste Day is celebrated on 26 April this year.

The day looks to highlight how we can reduce food waste, raise awareness of this issue and think of new ways of working. A great success story is our Steamplicity range provided by the Cuisine Centre and available to all within the acute NHS Market. It offers a unique meal delivery system, that is steam cooked at ward level providing quality nutritious food, flexibility and choice. The 2023 Spring/ Summer menu consists of over 30 options, with over third representing vegetarian and vegan dishes.  

How Steamplicity reduces food waste:

  • We use data and insights to create a menu featuring what patients actually want, meaning there is less plate waste
  • We operate a patient ordering system, so we know we are giving the patient the meal they want as well as flexibility on when it arrives to their ward and bed
  • It has a five-day shelf life allowing stock rotation
  • With every other day deliveries, the food is fresh and reduces number of vehicles used for delivery

We know that Steamplicity is proven to reduce food waste to below 2.5%, which is much more efficient than the industry standard. In addition, we have now started the roll out of our new enhanced waste recording system across all Compass UK & Ireland client sites, including hospitals. The roll out will enable us to collect consistent data and further identify measures to help tackle waste. This is supported by a wider programme of educating and informing teams on how to reduce food waste, with a focus on prevention.

Greg Harrison, MD of Cuisine Centre which creates Steamplicity said: “One of the important benefits of implementing the Steamplicity system is that it reduces food waste. This is great, because it means that the patients we serve are eating the food they actually want, therefore gaining more nutritional value, plus it’s better for the planet.”

Let’s hear from sites who have seen huge benefits of Steamplicity.

Milton Keynes Hospital - Implementing Steamplicity has made a positive impact on the patient experience, with surveys showing a noticeable improvement in patient satisfaction scores. Within 4 weeks of the mobilisation of Steamplicity at Milton Keynes Hospital, food wastage reduced from an average of 14% to 2%.

Royal Surrey – not only does it have a great effect on the planet it has also improved food related PLACE scores by 2.2%.

West London Hospitals saw food wastage saving of 20% across a year, totalling £20,000.

It also delivered an improved service, as well as improved patient satisfaction in taste, temperature and presentation.

For more information about Steamplicity visit: https://www.compass-healthcare.co.uk/services/steamplicity/