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Women in Food Ambassador series: Claude Jarczyk, Senior Sous Chef, Wimbledon

Case Study

Claude began working at Compass Group UK & Ireland in the summer of 2016 as a senior sous chef at Wimbledon only six weeks before the tournament began catering alongside a number of high-profile chefs. Claude embraced the challenge and supported in many key areas during the tournament including The Royal Box and Roux at the Gatsby.  Joining the team at such a critical stage meant Claude had to hit the ground running and not only gain the respect of her colleagues but also the 180 temporary chefs that are brought on board for the fortnight.

Claude started her culinary journey in Zug, Switzerland, after completing a three year culinary apprenticeship programme. During her early years as a chef, Claude worked at numerous hotels and restaurants before buying her own catering business and working as the company’s head chef. Three years later, Claude and her business partner decided to end the collaboration. So in 2014, Claude moved to London and started working as a senior sous chef for Mosimann’s. During this time she had the opportunity to cater at the Olympic Games in Sochi, where she was promoted to Head Chef of International Projects. As part of her new role, Claude catered at numerous international events including an expo in Milan, catering for 8,000 people a day along with a team of 250 chefs.

Since joining Levy Restaurants UK in the summer, Claude has consistently showcased her skills and dedication as a talented chef. Already full swing into the planning for The Championships, 2017, Claude has designed the hospitality summer buffet menu which all marquee and suite holders will have the pleasure of experiencing when they visit Wimbledon. Themed around an English Garden, some of the classic Wimbledon dishes will feature edible flowers.

On Women in Food event: 

“I think the Women in Food scheme launched by the company is great. I was often the only female chef in the kitchen across many of my jobs because it is the norm for women to feel like they need to give up quite a lot in order to work as a chef. It is especially hard for women who want to start a family as they are in need of the right support to come back into work. This is why I believe the Women in Food programme is so important in providing female chefs with the right training and development pathways they are in need of.  I have experienced many challenges in my career as a female chef. But I believe as long as you do your job with passion and love you will always be a winner!”

On Compass Group UK & Ireland:

“Working at Wimbledon has been a great opportunity and I look forward to developing my role within the company further. It is great to see a company such as Compass put so much time into developing and training the talent it has and I feel proud to have joined when the business has pledged to increase the number of its female chefs.”


Claude is part of Compass Group UK & Ireland’s Women in Food Ambassador programme which aims to support the needs of female chefs and was formed following the launch of the business’ ‘Women in Food’ initiative.

Claude Jarczyk