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Women in Food series: Paige Cook, Apprentice Chef, ESS

Case Study

Paige embarked on her journey with Compass Group UK & Ireland in 2014 as an apprentice chef after leaving school at the age of 16, making her one of the youngest trainee chefs on the programme. Since starting her career, Paige has already had the opportunity to showcase her skills at a number of high-profile events and is continuing to climb the culinary ladder.

Paige started working for the ESS division of Compass after carrying out work experience within the business. She returned as an apprentice chef after finishing school and quickly progressed through the ranks. Two years later, Paige is fully qualified and works as a full-time chef for Compass. As well as carrying out her daily duties in the kitchen, she has been able to showcase her skills at a number of great functions, this has included being chosen to help cater for an event at Downing Street in 2016. Events like these have given Paige the opportunity to learn different techniques in cooking.

On Women in Food:

“I believe the Women in Food scheme is a great initiative. Many women think that being a chef is not a job role they can pursue because they are put off by it being a male-dominated industry. But I do believe attracting more women into the culinary world and promoting female chefs within the sector would be great. I do hope that over time we will see more women working as chefs in the kitchen as this is an amazing career for anyone.”

On Compass Group UK & Ireland:

“My journey with Compass since starting my apprenticeship over two years ago has been amazing. They have trained me to become a fully qualified chef and given me a job at the end of my training. I have had so many different experiences in different kitchens working with so many great chefs. I am really looking forward to working on a number of exciting events which will give me and my colleagues the opportunity to showcase our talents.”

Paige Cook