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Compass and WRAP partner in water stewardship project


Compass Group UK & Ireland has signed-up to the Courtauld 2030 Water Roadmap and becomes the first major UK food service operator to fund one of WRAP’s collective action projects on water stewardship.

In signing up to the Water Roadmap, Compass Group UK & Ireland joins over 55 leading food and drink businesses who have committed to set water-related targets, report on progress and invest in collective action to address water risk in their supply chain. As part of this commitment, Compass has confirmed it will co-fund one of WRAP’s collective action projects on water stewardship, in East Anglia - a key sourcing area for the business - becoming the first UK food service company to do so.

The Norfolk, CamEO and Broadlands project is led by Norfolk Rivers Trust and is co-funded by a number of retailers and suppliers. The project will work with pig and poultry farmers and the horticulture sector, to deliver practical on-farm measures that improve water retention, reduce runoff, protect soils, enhance biodiversity and improve the resilience of the surrounding water environment.

Catherine David, Director of Collaboration & Change at WRAP commented: We are really pleased to see a major UK food service company like Compass Group UK & Ireland, stepping up and taking a lead in this way. By investing in collective action on water stewardship in one of the UK’s key at-risk sourcing areas, Compass is not only setting a great example to the wider hospitality and food service sector, it is also protecting its food and drink supply chain, and the rivers, landscapes, communities and ecosystems they impact on.”

Ashleigh Taylor, Head of Environment, Compass Group UK & Ireland said: “Our commitment to reach Climate Net Zero by 2030, is not just about emissions. Earlier this year, we released our first Climate Impact report, which was a thorough update on our sustainability journey so far. Within this, we made a promise to start addressing the challenge of water stewardship, so it is great to work with WRAP on this project to start the momentum in this area, for our business.”

Compass Group UK & Ireland has signed-up to the Courtauld 2030 Water Roadmap