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Compass Cymru launches with a commitment to apprenticeships and partnership with Bryn Williams


Compass Group UK & Ireland, the UK's largest food and support services firm, has launched Compass Cymru as a distinct business within the Group.

The business is committed to supporting the Welsh hospitality industry, championing local suppliers, and fostering the next generation of talent, announcing at least 50 new apprenticeship opportunities this year.

Headed by Jane Byrd, Compass Cymru’s Managing Director, the organisation operates in more than 60 sites across Wales, employing thousands of people. Providing innovative, sustainable and high-quality catering and support services across sectors including sports and leisure, education, defence, and workplace catering, the company drives the availability of Welsh produce through its supply chain, with a focus on sustainable and seasonal produce.

Central to the new Compass Cymru business is a commitment to people; supporting development and the creation of jobs for Wales with a genuine focus on wellbeing and skills development. As part of the launch, Compass Cymru has announced at least 50 apprentice places within the next 12 months.

Speaking about the launch, Managing Director, Compass Cymru, Jane Byrd, said: “The Compass Cymru business is built on trust, transparency and above all a regional approach to delivering first class partnerships. Our work showcases Wales’ superb natural larder and supports the local economy, and we leverage our supply chain for greater positive impact.

“We offer meaningful jobs with inclusive growth, which will be supported by our newly refreshed apprenticeship programme. We recently created our people hub, Constellation Cymru, demonstrating that we are truly market leading in creating a connected workforce with multiple employment opportunities across all our Welsh venues.”

Compass Cymru has partnered with Chef Bryn Williams as its Culinary Ambassador. Chef Williams will contribute to the apprenticeship and training programme, working closely as a consultant for Compass Cymru to ensure the spirit of Welsh food and drink remains at the front and centre of the business offering.

Speaking on his involvement, Chef Bryn Williams, said: “It is a great honour for me to be a Culinary Ambassador for Compass Cymru. Wales has one of the best food larders on earth and using Welsh ingredients from local suppliers is the backbone of all of my kitchens, giving me the platform for consistency throughout all of my restaurants.

“I am looking forward to working with Compass Cymru on showcasing what Wales has to offer. I believe that hospitality remains an exciting career choice and announcing the apprenticeship programme for Compass Cymru demonstrates its commitment to home-grown Welsh talent, and that opportunities are available to those who seek them.”

Compass Cymru will create a business network which will develop depth and strength in each of its market segments, reinforcing strategic partnerships with local suppliers and distributors to ensure a sustainable future for the Welsh food and drink industry.

For more information, please visit: www.compass-group.co.uk/compass-cymru