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Compass Group UK & Ireland serves up the ultimate brew with Twinings and the London School of Tea


The UK’s largest food and support services provider, Compass Group UK & Ireland, has partnered with Twinings and the London School of Tea to deliver a series of tailored training courses in tea.

The introduction of tea education for its baristas will result in delivering a great customer experience and perfect tea execution every time.

The nation’s love of tea is growing with approximately 165m cups of tea being consumed every day. However tea culture is changing and consumers are becoming more adventurous and informed in their choices.

The partnership, will see Compass Group UK & Ireland baristas undertaking tea education at a variety of levels to ensure we deliver the perfect serve, every time.  Initially aimed at those employees who work where whole leaf tea is served, the Compass baristas will learn the role of tea in modern day culture, as well as the practical elements around brewing, equipment and storage. Additionally, on the more advanced courses, candidates will be able to study in more depth the different types of teas, the history of tea as well as undertake tea and sensory training.

Louise Pilkington – Marketing Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland said:
“Tea is embedded in our culture and continues to be the number one selling hot drink. However, the tea consumer is evolving. We are seeing more people seeking healthier and more authentic drinks, for example wanting green teas or infusions. Training our people in tea culture will enable us to deliver to our customers a memorable “tea experience”. We are really excited to be building this additional expertise into our business and believe it will be well received by customers and clients.”

Lucy Chappell-Wright – Tea Specialist & Managing Director, The London School of Tea said:
 “As our tea culture changes and consumers become more adventurous and informed in their choices, high quality training is essential to the Compass Group’s quest for excellence, and their investment in tea education is a great endorsement of our mission to enhance the quality of tea consumed out of home.

Through structured education we will not only ensure Compass employees have the skill-set to deliver a great customer experience and perfect tea execution every time, but a thorough understanding of the origins of tea and its journey from plantation to cup, enabling them to share their passion and knowledge with customers and colleges.

The London School of Tea is thrilled to have such a strong supporter of our work onboard.”


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Compass Group's baristas will be able to deliver some 'brew-tiful' cups of tea