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Compass Healthcare Hero: Alejandro Ayala


Alejandro started working with Medirest Signature two years ago as a Housekeeping Assistant. He moved to the UK from Peru and without family around him has dedicated his time to his job. With a master's degree under his belt, his love of helping people and making a difference is what keeps him working in this role and over the past few months especially, his dedication has become clear.

As Covid-19 began to hit in the UK, cases at the Princess Grace increased and so did the pressure and volume of work for Alejandro and his team. The frequency on deep cleaning rocketed overnight and with several of his colleagues shielding or unable to work due to childcare commitments, he filled the widening void. He also started to train others on the enhanced procedures and wearing the correct PPE.

In a time of adversity, he stepped up to the challenge and as his supervisor was unable to work, he seamlessly took on more responsibilities and worked extra shifts. Since then he has been promoted into a supervisor position permanently and he hasn't looked back!

Towards the end of March Alejandro was hospitalised having contracted Coronavirus. This was a difficult time, but his colleagues rallied round to support him and he has made a full recovery. On his return to work they celebrated with a socially distanced welcome back party for him - showing his popularity amongst co-workers.

Alejandro is a very quiet and unassuming man and this is why people find him so endearing. Always calm in a crisis, he has shone through during these challenging times.

"I have a responsibility to help and get on with the job in hand - whatever is necessary." - Alejandro Ayala, Housekeeping Supervisor, Princess Grace