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Compass Healthcare Hero: Beverley Duffield


Beverley has worked as a Ward Hostess in Southend Hospital for 25 years. Her role is to serve patients food and drinks, as part of the 120 strong catering team.

Beverley works on a ward that cares for elderly patients with dementia and the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about change to daily routines and anxiety for those she helps care for. The most significant change has been the strict restrictions on visitors that had to be implemented in all hospitals, which has meant no visits from family or friends.

Beverley’s unique presence and gift of empathy means her approach is truly patient focussed. Her caring nature has prevailed throughout and the bonds that she has formed with patients has strengthened even more over the past few months.

Her drive to ensure the wellbeing of others has led her to go to great lengths to support the clinical team, at a time when they have been under increased pressure. She goes above and beyond by ensuring each patient has their nutritional needs met, but she is also a huge emotional support to her patients in these strange times.

Her personal touch never fails to make people feel at ease and often her familiar face, bringing them a cup of tea and a biscuit is all they need to make them smile. To the people on the ward, what Beverley provides them with is more than food and drinks – it’s a ray of sunshine bringing them familiar comfort.

“I like the patients to be treated the way I would like me, my family and friends to be treated, with the respect and dignity they deserve. And you can go home knowing that you put a smile on their face.” - Beverley Duffield, Ward Hostess, Southend Hospital