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Compass Healthcare Hero: Claire Nulty


Claire has worked with St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust for over ten years. Originally employed directly by the Trust she moved to Medi rest earlier this year, immediately proving herself to be a highly valued member of the team. Claire has the most incredible work ethic, her determination, selflessness and passion are second to none.

In March this year as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, the Trust needed to introduce a "rapid control" system to ensure beds and cubicles were available and flowing as easily as possible during the very busy time. Claire took control of this massive task, set up the system smoothly and solved multiple challenges along the way. It was during this time Claire was promoted and also moved across to our hardworking Medirest team.

During the pandemic, Claire worked many long days, plus extra nights and weekends to ensure there was enough resource to keep the number of beds flowing. Her commitment positively impacted on patient care as they were able to be quickly assessed and moved to the right wards for treatment. She often stayed on after her own shift to cover for other staff, train new colleagues or assist with fit testing of PPE.

Claire has been a true inspiration during this time, demonstrating great leadership skills, motivating the team and keeping morale high.

"It feels very rewarding, knowing that I am part of a patient's journey and trying to make it as comfortable as possible. I feel that I am making a difference and I love being part of this team." - Claire Nulty, Rapid Response Team Controller, Whiston Hospital