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Compass Healthcare Hero: David Lewer


David’s job is pressurised and critical at the best of times, but during the last few months the role has become even more intense as areas of the Royal Surrey Hospital closed and others became even busier with an influx of Covid-19 patients. David has risen to this challenge and has been a huge help to the clinical team working across the hospital.

His unassuming character has meant that he kept his head down, however he has gone above the call of duty with a clear focus on what needs to be done, even moving shifts to help during busier periods.

During the past few months he met every challenge he has been confronted with, tackling tasks without hesitation. As wards changed rapidly at the start of the pandemic, he seamlessly embraced the duties and was intrinsic to the smooth running of the changes. He works so incredibly hard that the hospital’s clinical team have remarked on his individual contribution at the hospital. He is making a huge difference to those he works with.

He never looks for recognition and it’s clear that he is conscious of the role he has to play to help patients and support the NHS, always going the extra mile.





“My objective has always been to work hard and take good care of the patients to the best of my ability and no virus will stop that.” - David Lewer, A&E Porter, Royal Surrey