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Compass Healthcare Hero: Jennifer Rowe


Jennifer has worked in the care home environment for over 25 years and has worked in current post with WhiteOaks - British Home for seven years.

Her attitude is positive, determined and tenacious and never more have these qualities shone through than with the start of Covid-19 across the UK. The pandemic has brought with it many challenges, but this has only spurred Jennifer on to do her absolute best for the people she works with.

She is always on top of the job in hand, anticipating every scenario and delivering in whatever circumstances arise. She is extremely hardworking and this is appreciated by the residents and staff in the home, but also her colleagues who she leads by example.

Throughout the crisis she has taken the time to speak with colleagues and understand their concerns and circumstances. She has offered reassurance through training, and where people have been off work having to shield or look after children, she has often picked up extra work too.

Jennifer Rowe, Service Manager, British Home and Hospital - Whiteoaks