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Compass Healthcare Hero: Maxine Cartz


Maxine has worked for Medirest for over 16 years, leading the charge in establishing and advising on all aspects of catering for the NHS hospitals we work with. She is the expert interface between dietitians and our catering teams on the ground, offering technical support and consultancy on anything related to patient dining and provision of special diets.

As the Covid-19 pandemic started to hit the UK, food supply chains were being impacted and this meant that Maxine’s expertise kicked in, ensuring that contingency plans could be delivered in these circumstances if needed. She has worked tirelessly over the past few months to review menus in line with any potential changes to our supply chain.

This work was no mean feat, as Maxine works with numerous hospitals, catering for many patients with very specific individual needs. However, she further developed our contingency planning and worked with hospitals to make sure no issues occurred.

Her dedication and compassion are clear; this coupled with her knowledge makes her a true Healthcare Hero.

“Our aim is always to provide delicious meals as we want patients to have an excellent experience with food, which has the potential to improve their outcomes whilst also meeting their nutritional needs. This was a very busy time and although our contingency planning wasn’t needed, it was prudent to do the work and guarantee that under any circumstances the people we work with are still catered for in the way they should be.” - Maxine Cartz, Dietitian, Compass Group UK & Ireland - Healthcare