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Compass Healthcare Hero: Meeta Gurung


Meeta has been a true Healthcare Hero during the pandemic. She supports on a ward in Southend Hospital, serving meals and drinks to patients. Her usual ward closed due to the changes made during the start of the Coronavirus pandemic and since then she has not stopped, demonstrating adaptability and eagerness to help working all over the hospital – wherever she is needed.

Meeta moved onto wards where Covid-19 patients were being treated and quickly adapted to working within the guidelines provided by Medirest and the Trust. In the face of adversity, Meeta was instrumental in showing great empathy and team spirit to those around her. She is a positive and inspiring force and has worked with our ward dining team to alleviate their anxieties and support them in any way she can. Plus, she has taken new recruits and volunteers under her wing, to ensure they had everything they needed to do their jobs well and safely. 

Always smiling, she brings a sense of calm and happiness wherever she goes. Her love of people and caring attitude has really driven her to go above and beyond during this period. It’s a true skill to be able to form relationships with people in the way she does, and she has brought a patient focussed approach that has led to positive change during a time of uncertainty for many patients. 





“When you work in this environment, you do what you need to do and are part of making a difference to the lives of others.” - Meeta Gurung, Ward Hostless, Southend Hospital