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Compass launches delivered office food solution in Edinburgh


An innovative workplace foodservice platform, Feedr has launched in Scotland. Owned by the UK’s largest food and services company, Compass Group UK & Ireland, Feedr enables employers to cater for their teams on site or at home – using a technology-based approach to providing great food from a variety of vendors.

Acquired by Compass in March 2020, Feedr is a UK-developed food-solution, offering employers a scalable way to feed their teams, either on-site in the workplace or at home. Following its success in serving clients across London, Manchester and Dublin, the Feedr app and concept will now be available for use in Edinburgh.

This flexible and innovative office food solution offers companies an alternative to onsite catering and buffet style meals – ideal for hybrid and fluctuating working arrangements. Whether a company is catering for 15 or 500, the Feedr solution allows individual users to select healthier choices from an extensive rotating menu of vendors that helps boost physical and mental wellbeing.

Feedr uses hand-picked, taste-tested and quality-checked local vendors to supply the food. Vendors already signed up to cater for Feedr in Edinburgh include: Bowls, providing delicious plant-based salad and poke bowls; Bonnie Burrito, which combines Mexican food with the delights of Scotland, such as irn-bru’ed pork or haggis; and Roots, which specialises in vegan and allergy friendly breakfast and lunch, including granola bowls and porridge for breakfast and daily salads, soups, filled bagels and hot dishes for lunch.

Feedr increases flexibility for corporate customers and facilitates social distancing thanks to app-based pre-order and pre-payment, agreed workplace collection points, and notifications when food is ready. This system has proven imperative in a Covid secure office environment.

Businesses have access to an admin portal, where they can choose the level of subsidy, amend the schedule, and monitor employee engagement. There is no subscription fee and Feedr only charges for active users. Employees have nutritious meals delivered to the office, on the days they’re in, and Feedr simultaneously groups orders, minimising the number of deliveries.

David Hay, managing director of Compass Scotland, said: “Feedr is an innovative solution, which is perfect for businesses without a restaurant facility onsite, or those looking for the ultimate in flexibility for their catering options. Eating good food at work is a core part of the office experience for many, so offering a flexible food perk can foster a sense of continuity and motivate employees. It’s also scalable and cost-effective; it doesn’t sacrifice quality, but saves on maintenance, utilities and waste. We are looking forward to launching Feedr as part of our Compass Scotland offer.”

Linda Blank, COO at Feedr, says: “Our modular suite of services allows us to offer a blended solution to help companies enhance their employee wellbeing no matter where they are or what their new working patterns might look like.

“Even before the pandemic we were starting to flip the script on what food in the workplace means. The traditional notion of 9-5 office working and fixed mealtimes is becoming a thing of the past. We need to flex and adapt, manage unpredictability and feed the nation’s workforces in a way that works for them. Feedr has been very well received in the three cities where it has launched, and we’re excited to be launching in Scotland for the first time.”

The business initiative also has a social conscience, with a nutritious meal donated to a school child in rural India for every online order in the UK and Ireland.

Feedr launches in Edinburgh