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Launches of Nourished Life - our new health and wellbeing website


Compass Group UK & Ireland, the UK’s largest food and support services firm, has launched a brand-new website to provide valuable expert information and advice on health and wellbeing.

Compass serves approximately three million customers a day and as part of its commitment to support people in making healthier choices, the business has created the “Nourished Life”, website which aims to provide the wider consumer market with top tips, access to recipes and information on key health and wellbeing topics.

The new website focuses on a number of key areas including: food and nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, recipes, and a section where users will be able to directly interact with Compass health and nutrition experts. Nourished Life includes;

  • Food and Nutrition – Expert information provided on allergens, nutrients and eating well on a seasonal basis.
  • Lifestyle – This section will focus on providing key advice on the importance of sleeping well, movement and exercising.
  • Sleep – This section highlights the most recent research into the importance of sleep and the impact of not getting the right amount or right quality of sleep has, physically and emotionally.
  • Recipes – Users will have access to various types of healthy recipes specifically designed to make at home. All recipes have been nutritionally analysed and these details are also featured.
  • Meet our Experts – A number of leading Compass nutritionists and chefs will be on hand to answer queries from users.

Nicky Martin, Head of Nutrition, at Compass Group UK & Ireland, said: “We are very excited about the launch of the new Nourished Life website, which aims to give expert information on core health and wellbeing topics to the wider consumer market. As a leading foodservices provider we are keen to share the breadth of knowledge we have from our talented chefs and nutritionists through a digital resource which is free and easy to access for all.”

The website has been launched following the release of Compass Group UK & Ireland’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report, which maps out the programme of activity that will guide the company to a sustainable future and create a positive social impact. Focusing on four pillars: sourcing, people, environment and health, the Report outlines key commitments in each of these areas to achieve a clear set of goals. It incorporates Compass’ 2020 Health strategy and the commitment to launch this consumer facing website, to inform people with information on a range of health and wellbeing topics.

For more information visit: nourishedlife.co.uk or www.nourishedlife.ie


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Compass launches Nourished Life website