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Tolley Brothers partner with Compass Group


The UK’s leading food and support services company, Compass Group UK & Ireland, has announced a review of its coffee strategy - encompassing organisational design (including job descriptions and barista career paths) through to education and training.

The Central Marketing team will be partnering with well-known coffee specialists Nick and Andrew Tolley, from Taylor St Baristas, who will carry out the review and support Compass in an advisory capacity.

The UK coffee market is currently worth an estimated £7.9bn and this is predicted to double by 2025*.  Compass is one of the UK’s largest coffee suppliers that continues to deliver significant year on year sales growth. Due to the importance of coffee within its business, Compass has been making a significant investment in the training and development of baristas to ensure that whatever site a customer is served at they will receive high quality coffee.

The new partnership with Nick and Andrew Tolley will see them carry out a review of Compass’ current coffee practices to ensure the group has a solid and robust foundation for future growth utilising their expertise and extensive knowledge of the coffee industry and specialty coffee.

Louise Pilkington, Director of Marketing, Compass Group UK & Ireland explains:
“We are absolutely delighted to be working with some of the coffee industry leaders, Nick and Andrew Tolley. Taylor St has blazed a trail in London’s specialty coffee scene and is today regarded as one of the most innovative quality-led coffeehouses in the world.

“They have exceptional knowledge and understanding of the coffee market that we believe will result in the creation of a UK leading coffee programme for our employees. Training and development of our employees is critical. With over 350 baristas in the business across 130 sites, the new programme will be looking to ensure we are able to provide our employees with the tools and knowledge to ensure that our customers always receive excellent, great tasting and high quality coffee across all our sites.”

Nick Tolley, Founder, Taylor St Baristas, added:
“This is the first time we have worked with a food services company. Ultimately, we are passionate about coffee and the overall experience that a customer receives. On speaking with Compass Group UK & Ireland, it was clear they share this passion.  As a result, we are excited to be working with them to deliver the kind of quality coffee programme that becomes culturally embedded and ingrained within their organisation; one that is scalable across the breadth of their business; and one that delivers consistently high standards for Compass’ customers every time.”


*Allegra report 2015

Notes to editors

For any enquiries relating to Compass Group UK & Ireland contact the Communications Team on 01895 554 999 or email uk.communications@compass-group.co.uk

For any enquiries relating to Taylor St Baristas, please contact Nick Tolley at nick.tolley@taylor-st.com


The Tolley Brothers will bring a wealth of coffee knowledge to Compass