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Pioneering sustainable facilities management

In an era where environmental consciousness is non-negotiable, Compass Group UK & Ireland is setting a pioneering example by seamlessly intertwining sustainability with facilities management. While the terms 'sustainable' and 'facilities management' may not typically share the same sentence, Compass Group and our brilliant brands – including 14forty, Compass Healthcare and ESS - are breaking new ground. We’re  recognising that a commitment to sustainability is not only essential for reducing our own environmental footprint but also for guiding other businesses on a similar path.

Tackling transport, energy and business

Acknowledging that a significant portion of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions arise from transport, energy and business activities, Compass Group is leading changes for what’s known as the ‘triple threat’. The Compass Group team and our specialist brands are not only intent on reducing our carbon footprint in these areas, but we also understand that by adopting eco-friendly practices, we can set the stage for green facilities management and empower our clients to make better choices themselves.

Fuelling a more sustainable future for UK energy

For over 10 years, 14forty has been working with Essar Oil, going from a simple facilities management contract to becoming integral to the refinery’s operations and contributing towards a more sustainable future for the sector. From cutting down single-use waste on site to driving daily and project operations with cleaner, greener practices, the 14forty team is setting a stellar example not just for their client but for the energy sector as a whole.

Climbing to Climate Net Zero

In collaboration with our specialist brands, we’re proud to stand as an industry trailblazer by being the first in the facilities management industry to publish a Climate Net Zero plan. This ambitious initiative aims to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2030 without compromising the high standards and expertise promised to our clients.

Knowing this is not a solitary journey, we envision a collective effort involving all our professionals in food, hospitality and support services to make eco facilities management a commonplace practice.

A plan for all-round positive impact

Our sustainable facilities management strategy is centred around minimising, neutralising or even generating a positive impact on the environment. Through our network of specialised brands, we conduct regular audits of our client’s facilities as well as the products, equipment and methods we use to identify areas where we can reduce waste and environmental harm. From enhancing tool efficiency to implementing preventative maintenance, we combine insight-driven perspectives with a hands-on approach to continually decrease ours and our client’s carbon footprint.

ESS at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

One of our other brands, ESS, is driving the future of green facilities management with the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. Through this partnership, ESS has successfully introduced various initiatives, focusing on composting 100% of kitchen food waste and collecting approximately 1,250 kg of food waste per week, converting it into 8,675 kg of nutrient-rich compost.

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