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About Us

We’re the people behind the food, hospitality and support services in Scotland. We unite our sectors and people, creating a diverse environment where we champion hospitality excellence, and where our people can maximise their potential, tapping into the collective knowledge, innovation and expertise of our Scottish teams.

We have extensive experience covering several specialist sectors, including business and industry, defence, offshore, remote, healthcare, education and sport and leisure.

For Scotland

We work behind the scenes at sports events, far flung oilrigs, military bases, schools, hospitals, care homes and offices. We operate in over 300 sites across a range of sectors and employ people from communities throughout Scotland. As part of the world’s leading catering and support services provider Compass Group, we understand the importance of developing our service provision to meet the specific requirements of each client organisation, while ensuring a great customer experience.

A trusted partner

For over 70 years, our clients and customers have trusted us in Scotland.  We have developed the Compass Scotland identity, demonstrating our commitment to Scotland both now and into the future. We never cease to be inspired by the resources we have access to in Scotland. The natural larder provides our talented local chefs and teams with the inspiration to create fantastic dishes, nutritionally balanced, using deep customer insights, accompanied by our warm Scottish hospitality.

Winning teams

Our like-minded people share common goals and values, delivering quality products and services wherever in Scotland you find us. Our focus on great people, service and results has already earned client acclaim. It ensures our customers receive the best possible day-to-day support from their on-site team and gives them peace of mind that a host of experts are on hand behind the scenes – innovating, creating and ensuring Compass continue to deliver market leading operations.

Shared knowledge

The breadth of our provision, depth of our expertise and strength of our local relationships leaves us well placed to deliver authentic regional experience, backed by our international expertise and reach. Clients of Compass Scotland trust us to deliver all the professional support they need when outsourcing their non-core activities, enabling them to focus on managing their businesses.

Technology first

Now more than ever, technology solutions will have a significant role to play. We are developing relationships with technology partners who can quickly integrate tailored solutions into your business. Pre-ordering, in-seat, and click and collect services allow us to reduce friction, minimise wait times, increase spend, and ultimately enhance the guest experience.

Our food

We are passionate about increasing the availability of Scottish produce through the continuous development of our supply chain. As the market leader, we see it as our duty to leverage the power of our supply chain to drive better standards and help achieve the values we aspire to in food. Our suppliers are fundamental to what we are able to deliver for our clients.

In line with our broader food philosophy, we are constantly building, shaping and refining our regional food strategy. We will showcase the finest produce, putting Scottish ingredients front and centre. We will support and build relationships with farmers and growers throughout Scotland celebrating provenance and championing fresh, seasonal, local and sustainable produce.

Our People

At the heart of Compass Scotland is a team of experts who span the company’s specialist businesses and cross-sector support teams. We are focused on learning and development, driving sales through strategic marketing, using sound commercial acumen to boost efficiency, developing innovative customer focused technology, and sharing best practice for the benefit of every sector.

We are committed to supporting people in Scotland with shared resource, knowledge and expertise. We have a connected workforce across all our Scottish business and we develop our talent creating genuine opportunities and career progression through skills development and our exciting new apprenticeship programme.

Our Compass Brands

From education catering, to facilities management & specialist cleaning services, our Compass brands give Scottish businesses all the support they need.

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General Enquiries

For more information regarding Compass Scotland, or to speak to a member of our friendly team, please send an email to: